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Playing in online casinos is generally fun until it doesn’t harm players or people connected to them. Whilst there are ways to self-exclude from gambling websites, people want to have fun by keeping playing. In this article, we are considering both looks at the issues of gambling online, looking in detail at the fact of Gamstop (GS) as is, and exploring the list of casinos not on Gamstop, playing in which makes it possible for everyone to avoid GS limitations.

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The United Kingdom is one of the strongest and most reliable jurisdictions for online gambling in the world. It has a lot of official and pretty strict demands included in its licensing requirements, which have to be met so any locally registered gambling house receives a gaming license. Also, the cost of it is very high, which makes all locally registered gaming houses put maximal efforts in sticking to the license requirements strictly, as a violation of them can cause severe and long-lasting penalties.

Since 2020, casinos not using GameStop cannot legally obtain the gambling license in the UK and Northern Ireland, so they must provide everyone residing in the UK and playing in the UK-based online punters’ houses the possibility to file for self-withdrawal from addictive gambling by means of being a part of the GS scheme. For the sake of a better understanding of the mechanism of casino sites not on Gamstop, we should first understand what GS is and how it works.

What’s Gamstop?

GS is a scheme for self-withdrawal from gambling on the Internet for the residents of the UK and Northern Ireland, which allows people registered in it to avoid gambling through technological means. The GS is run by a non-profit organization called The National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Ltd. (or, as it is also known by its abbreviation, NOSES). The scheme covers every online gaming venue for money that holds the UK gambling license and it is only designed for the residents of the Kingdom.

For a start, everyone wishing to self-exclude from gaming on money in UK-based casinos already understands that he or she is having a problem with gambling. It can be understood by a reasonable person when all money that is earned on a monthly basis vanishes on the casinos’ accounts, not bringing any returns in the form of winnings. When the money going to casinos is so big in sums that it prevents normal life, interferes with accumulation plans, and even interferes with regular payments required for living, then it is definitely called an addiction, which shall be embraced. Other signs of gambling addiction are:

  • borrowing money only for gambling purposes, so the debts are exaggerating, whereas any possible winnings do not cover those debts or even used for further gambling without even intending to pay out debts
  • a person doesn’t live a socially rich life, preferring to spend the entire time to gamble
  • the person’s closest people complain about gambling addiction and connected issues of that person.

When it’s time to stop, a gamer shall register in the GS scheme. It is done in a matter of 10-15 minutes, which will define the entire shape of future life due to such a step.

On the official website of GS,, during the registration, a person has to provide as much data as possible about himself/herself, which the site asks: full name, date, and place of birth, IDs, phone number (actual plus all numbers that might have been used previously on any gambling websites), e-mail (the same, actual and all previous in use, if any), residential address (current + all previous, if any). After the questionnaire is fulfilled, the person’s identity will be additionally formally identified (as well as some extra data will be collected) through one of the third-party verification methods defined by the GS.

During the form fulfillment, a gamer will be asked for a time of the desired self-exclusion, which can be 0.5 years, 1 year, or 5 years. Tick this mark responsibly, as there will be absolutely no possibility (technical, administrative, or personal) to reduce this time or to cancel the self-exclusion during the chosen period.

Okay, so what’s next after the registration is completed? After that, a person’s data goes to all casinos and online sports betting locations, which are a part of the GS scheme. As of the moment of writing this article, the list included 160 venues.

The self-exclusion activates within a full day after the application is completed by a person. Sometimes, it can happen faster, sometimes – slower, depending on the information system used by each venue on the list. After the data is received and processed, a registered person can no longer play in these punters’ houses anymore – not before the term ends.

But even after the term passes, extraction of customer data from the GS database does not happen automatically – a person has to call the GS or log into the GS account and apply for exclusion. After another 24 hours, the request is processed and a person is able to gamble again. Also, as the term passes, there opens another possibility to file for another withdrawal term of the same lengths: 6 months, 12 months, 5 years. If a person is inactive about the exclusion of self-withdrawal, then it remains in the database for another 7 years (regardless of the initial term selected by the client) and only then, it is removed automatically.

There is no sense in writing to the GS’s administration with the request to cut the time or delete the record from the GS list: there will be no result of such requests prematurely. This is done as a part of the control of a person’s intention to quit gambling, knowing that sometimes the mind is weak.

There is one more issue connected to the scheme of GS: if any balance is left on account(s) of gambling venue(s), the GS scheme does not make sure the automated returning of these funds to gamer’s bank account or e-wallet. He or she must specifically contact the administration of such places asking for returning of funds. The request will be processed according to internal regulations of the gaming facility (whilst some of them may not return it; that’s a risk). It is better to consider these requests to all casinos with positive balances before the registration in GS occurs, as, after that, it won’t be possible to enter the gaming venue with the login and password (which may be needed in order to ask the administration to make the returning).

One more interesting thing about GS: a person may be registered in it without consent and knowing when relatives aiming at helping this person register his or her on their own. It will still work for the exclusion purposes in this case but may lead to various personal negative consequences such as quarrels, fights, and marriage disruptions. So if you’re one of such people thinking about adding your relative into the database of GS, think about every possible consequence very well.

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What is Non Gamstop Casinos?

Now as you know in detail, what GS is, let’s overview the casinos not on Gamstop.

A casino that isn’t included in the database of GS has the following characteristics:

  1. It accepts gamers, which are registered in the GS scheme. Thus, gambling sites not on Gamstop will be available for such people.
  2. It may not give good bonuses or other offers due to the lower interest of owners of such venues to cater to people from the Gamstop list.
  3. The casino may have a humbler list of games, again, because of the lack of high commercial interest.
  4. The casino is registered outside the UK, so as not to interfere with the UK’s rigid requirements about GS obligation.
  5. If the previous bullet point on the list is not true for a particular casino, then this gaming house must have found the bypass for the rule of GS, for instance, sending UK-based gamers to another website, which can even look similar but have a different domain name, allowing it to hold a non-UK gambling license, for instance, issued by Curacao, which does not support the GS scheme. Such casinos without Gamstop can efficiently work on the UK market. Also, redirecting to another website may be done automatically for visitors physically residing outside the UK based on their device’s geolocation.

It must be mentioned that some gambling venues may have all the indicated traits, whilst others may have only a part of them.

Such venues don’t really care if a person is self-withdrawn, which is, if to think about it, a violation of the GS scheme and is not too well from the prospect of human relations. Still, many people find it attractive to play in such venues because of their advantages, about which we are talking right below.

Advantages of Casinos Not Gamstop

  1. Non Gamstop betting sites cater to broader audiences, which can include almost every country in the world (but those, which are under international sanctions and/or where the free Internet is not publically available, like North Korea). The number of countries available for online punters’ houses as of today exceeds 200. That is an advantage for any UK-based gambler because of the possibility to play even if included in the GS list.
  2. A sheer possibility to hide own money flows from all possible regulatory and controlling bodies if using ‘exotic’ for the UK means of payments (such as bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, e-wallets outside the country’s jurisdiction like WebMoney), especially operating in other currencies.
  3. If a person ever registers in the GS database at any point in the future, he or she will not be excluded from the sites not on Gamstop.
  4. In most cases, casinos don’t make a difference for gamers from the UK and outside, so an amazing list of games is the biggest advantage. But if they do, then, that would be a con.
  5. If some punters’ house enters the UK’s market, it wants to stay on it. The market, in general, is growing nearly every year. Today, it is estimated at several billion pounds annually. That can be a reason why casinos may desire to give very flamboyant offers to the UK gamblers, no matter if they are on GS or not.

These advantages are tangible. Yet, we cannot omit the list of disadvantages (below).

Disadvantages of Casinos Not Gamstop

  1. Sites not on Gamstop selected by you may not operate in the UK’s currency. Then, there will be cross-currency exchange commissions, which are often executed using the casino’s internal commercial rate, which is hard to name fair. Thus, sometimes, up to 20% of the amount can be eaten just by this. Although, if a reader is a traveler then he or she must be aware that some lowly developed countries of the world also have insane commissions for cross-currency exchange, especially in the ATMs during the money withdrawal. Bright examples are Lao (3%), Myanmar (10%), and Kazakhstan (20%).
  2. Not too flamboyant offers, giveaways, and the number of games in the catalog. If some casinos not on Gamstop do not cater to the UK’s audience for commercial reasons (low retrieved benefits from this market), then they may differentiate offers for the UK and for the rest of the countries where they operate. That may result in worse conditions for the national players.
  3. If something bad happens to the money flow from/to a player or their data leakage, then it may be hard or impossible to fix it due to the impossibility of application of legislation of the casino’s country jurisdiction to the UK’s legislation. Even if things are eventually fixed in favor of a gamer, it may take weeks or even months to complete.

As our reader can see, there are fewer cons than pros of playing on gambling sites not on Gamstop.

Types of Non-Gamstop Sites

The non-GS websites can be structured in a manner, which is preferable for a gamer because there is no agreed system of classification. Thus, websites allowing people from the GS list can be:

  • registered in the UK or outside
  • oriented at only video slots or have other games as well
  • embracing many payment channels for withdrawal and depositing or having only a few
  • as for the withdrawal and depositing time, they may be instant in both cases or can be slow (some are as slow in withdrawal as several days or even weeks, depending on the channel)
  • accepting spots betting or not
  • allowing demo modes of games or not allowing
  • giving all available bonuses on the market or providing just a part of them.

The above classifications of online casinos not on Gamstop are simply conceptual, not affecting much on the gaming process and acceptance of this or that casino by an individual gamer. If you like or dislike some casino – it’s just your personal preference, not because of some classification you aware of. It, however, may help you better understand the market.

List Of The Best Casinos Not On Gamstop

Now let’s look at the list of casinos not on Gamstop at their best.

  1. WG Casino. 200% sign-up deposit bonus with 50-pound minimum deposit.
  2. Prestige Spin Casino. 200% bonus added to the 1st deposit + 125% bonus to the 2nd 50-pound minimum depositing requirement attached.
  3. Agent NoWager. For all bonuses given, this casino only requests 1x wager, which is insanely low compared to any other online casino. However, bonuses are not as super awesome as in other gaming houses: only 10% on the 1st deposit, and the minimum sum of it shall be 50 pounds.
  4. Only 10-pound minimum deposit. Up to 375% on the 1st deposit as a bonus.
  5. Jackpot Charm. All first 5 deposits will participate in bonuses, which give up to 150%. Android app is developed.
  6. Crazy Star. 525% on the 1st deposit and 20 pounds are required only to play at minimal.
  7. Red Lion. 750% bonus offer for deposited money, with only 25 pounds as the min. deposit.
  8. Harry’s. This punters’ house offers a very generous welcome pack: 400% to the deposited amount, which can reach 2 thousand pounds. The minimum deposit is only 25 pounds.
  9. Very Well. 25 FS (free spins) are given for a 10-pound initial minimum deposit. It is possible to willingly enter into the casino’s self-made self-exclusion list should a gamer wants to self-exclude from this casino, additionally to the GS scheme.
  10. Fortune Clock. The newcomers’ giveaway here is equal to 225% of the deposit + 225 FS in the selected slots. The minimum deposit is only 20 pounds. It has an Android app.


We’ve looked at some best non Gamstop casinos and discovered the theme in-depth. Now you know what Gamstop is, how to register in it, why it is so rigid and affects all online gaming activities, and what the non-GS websites are, which allow gambling to everyone, even to those people who are currently on Gamstop. Be well!

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